Jul 102011

Long before he was licensed to practice corporate psychiatry, Jay Lundell was a member of a Portland band called the Phantoms.  Can you pick him out in this picture?  Real Beadhead afficionados will also be able to identify the only other Dynasty member who was not at the Tillicum on July 9.  Special bonus points for identifying the bass player in this picture who went on to become a member of Portland’s leading punk band in the ’80s.  

Dec 262010

Beadhead, Steve Karakas, John DiFalco, Jay Lundell, Bill Piland, Shannon, ShakaraBeadhead ushered in 2010 at the stroke of midnight at Bleachers Bar & Grill.  Beadhead played its first gig at Bleachers in the fall of 2003.  Owner Terry McGowan has been a great friend to the band and we continue to play three or four gigs a year there–the highlights being the “Buffett Bash” and the “Halfway to Buffett Bash”.  Check one of those out sometime for a heavy emphasis on the “Tropical” part of Beadhead’s Tropical Rock style…In February we had an “audition” at The Tillicum.  We reached out to our fans to support us–and support us you did.  It was a great turnout and we began what we thought was a regular rotation–until the ownership folded in June and left us with a few vacancies on our schedule that summer…Early in the year drummer and vocalist, Bob Hawkins, left the band to pursue other musical interests–really.  We were very fortunate to replace him with Cascade Blues Hall of Fame inductee, Jay Lundell.  Jay and Steve go way back to their first band in 1967.  Jay brings an incredibly tight style as well as contributions to the bands vocal efforts as well…Jay’s first official gig with Beadhead was at a new venue, Cactus Jack’s, in Raleigh Hills for their Cinco de Mayo celebration…The summer was busy as we swung back into our regular rotation at the place you voted as your favorite–Coyotes…Summer brings opportunities to play outdoors and we had our fair share.  In June we played a private event at the Reserve Golf Club…July had us at a spacious farm setting in Scholls for an outdoor wedding reception…August we played for an unusual “8.9.10” party on a Monday night…We played Hillsboro’s Tuesday Marketplace for the third year in a row to a large, enthusiastic crowd…In late August, Beadhead played at an outdoor setting on a beautiful day in White Salmon, WA for a fundraiser for “The Friends of Jack”.  It was a great event for a great cause and we look to be back in 2011 for the 2nd Annual…In the Fall Beadhead was busy back at Coyotes and Bleachers…a special gig in October at Nike was very cool.  A fundraiser for Beaverton’s Care to Share.  We were the “warm up the crowd” act in the Tiger Wood’s center for Australia’s Human Nature.  An incredible production.  The Nike folks know how to put on a show.  We’re excited to be asked back to another one of their events in March…In December we were back at Bleachers and in a nod to “the show must go on”, Shakara did the whole gig just four days after knee surgery…We want to thank all of our fans for supporting us this year as well as in the past…special thanks to a couple of musicians who have filled in for us when we needed them–bass legend John Mazzocco and drummer Tony Benach stepped in helped us groove throughout the year…We’re looking forward to a fun 2011.  Special “Beach Party” at Coyotes in January (it’s not too late to get in shape for the Bikini Contest)…another “audition” for new owners at The Tillicum (we’ll need you to turn out strong)..another event for Nike in March...Halfway to Buffett at Bleachers in March too…You can keep track of our schedule at www.beadheadrocks.com or follow us on Facebook or Twitter…Thank you.  Beadhead:  Steve Karakas, John DiFalco, Bill Piland, Jay Lundell, Shakara, Shannon.